When an Elephant Gets Angry: The Story of a Photographer’s Run-in at Kruger National Park

An interesting incident occurred at the Kruger National Park in South Africa where an elephant’s unexpected response to being photographed was witnessed. The solitary young elephant, spotted near the Sable Dam in close proximity to Phalaborwa, hurled a stick at the photographer’s vehicle as it became tired of being in the limelight. Lisl Moolman, who works as a freelance photographer, managed to capture the remarkable scene while driving through the park during the afternoon. Check out the video below to see for yourself.

Impressive Moment An Elephant Throws His Stick At A Car When A Photographer Filmed Him1

According to Caters News, Moolman kept her cool even though the elephant’s appearance was unexpected. She noted that the elephant didn’t appear to be aggressive, but rather needed to assert its presence. Moolman suggested that the animal may have felt vulnerable without its herd. The elephant quietly emerged from the bushes behind her, chewing on a stick and displaying no aggression. Moolman opted not to start the car out of fear it might startle the elephant and make the situation worse.

Impressive Moment An Elephant Throws His Stick At A Car When A Photographer Filmed Him2

According to Moolman, the act of throwing sticks by the elephant was a means of asserting its dominance and power. She also pointed out that the elephant was not in musth, a phase experienced by male elephants over 15 years old when their testosterone levels increase during mating season. Although she encountered the elephant up close, Moolman did not feel endangered or intimidated during the incident. Eventually, the elephant crossed a dam and rejoined its herd on the other side, and once it was at a safe distance, Moolman started her car and left cautiously. Check out the video below:

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