“Unwavering Bravery: Bus Driver in India Confronts Rampaging Elephant with Courage”

In a nerve-wracking incident in the Nilgiris district of Coonoor, southern India, a public bus and an elephant faced off. The elephant charged at the bus, using its tusks to shatter the windscreen. A passenger captured this dramatic encounter on camera on September 25th. The bus, owned by the state and carrying government employees from Kotagiri to Mettupalayam, stopped to let the elephant pass. However, things took a dangerous turn when the elephant began charging at the bus. The video clearly shows the bus backing off initially which made the elephant more aggressive, leading it to chase the bus even faster.


In Coonoor, a district in southern India, a huge elephant attacked a government worker bus. The driver handled the situation calmly by stopping the bus and remaining seated while the elephant smashed the windscreen, causing shock among the passengers. Despite the repeated attacks, the driver did not panic and instead guided the passengers to the back of the bus. Eventually, the elephant retreated into the forest, and the driver resumed the journey, ensuring that his passengers arrived safely at their destination.


Over the weekend, a disturbing incident occurred on a bus ride when an agitated tusker attacked the vehicle. Luckily, one passenger was able to capture the event on camera. However, what was most impressive was the driver’s calm and rational response throughout the ordeal. Officials praised him for his composure and quick thinking in ensuring the safety of all passengers. This is a reminder that even though elephants may be seen as dangerous animals, they too can get provoked or confused. Just recently, an elephant in Thailand was caught attacking a statue at Khao Yai National Park, as it apparently mistook it for a rival male threatening its mating rights.



As the huge elephant started breaking the windshield, the driver quickly got up from his seat and guided the passengers to the rear of the bus.

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