Unlikely Friendship Forms As Elephants Adopt Ostrich, Strolling Together

In a heartwarming display of companionship, a family of elephants has adopted an ostrich, resulting in the two species walking side by side at the Indalu Game Reserve in Mossel Bay, South Africa.

The remarkable bond formed between the ostrich, named Fransina, and her newfound elephant family, has been captured on camera, with the ostrich even mimicking the elephants’ trunk-like neck movements.

Gerhard Van Rooyen, the reserve owner, explained that Fransina joined a flock of sheep in 2014 after her male companion died.

Watch the video at the end.

Source: Caters News

Later, she decided to befriend the gentle giants on the reserve, captivating visitors with her presence alongside the elephants. Many guests now visit the sanctuary to see the elephants and meet the friendly ostrich.

Ostriches are typically social creatures, often found in pairs or small groups. However, Fransina’s bond with the elephants is exceptional, resembling an unbreakable family connection.

The Indalu Game Reserve offers guided walks with elephants as a form of education for guests, and Fransina is always determined to be included.

Source: Caters NewsSource: Caters News

Fransina is frequently seen weaving among the elephant herd, adjusting her pace to match theirs, and always following her leader.

She even participates in the elephants’ feeding sessions, partaking in the ‘buckets of healthy snacks’ offered to the elephants by guests.

Describing Fransina as a “very loveable bird,” Gerhard mentioned her favorite activity is attending the elephant sessions, making her an endearing addition to the Indalu experience.

Source: Caters NewsSource: Caters News

Watch the video below:

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