Trunk Trouble: Adventurous Elephant Attempts A Van Break-In For Snacks

In a delightful wildlife encounter, a curious elephant was spotted attempting a mini-heist at a campsite, hoping to snatch some food from a secured van.

This humorous incident was caught on camera by 45-year-old Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom, who filmed the elephant expertly utilizing its trunk to access the food-laden vehicle.

The scene unfolded at the picturesque Mana Pools campsite in Zimbabwe. Despite the elephant’s determined efforts, the food-filled van proved a formidable adversary, standing tall against the snack-seeking intruder.

According to the camp’s management, the fruit’s enticing aroma often proves irresistible to these majestic creatures, prompting them to go to great lengths to score a treat.

Image 12The footage, taken by Willem Bakhuys Roozeboom, 45, shows the elephant using his trunk to try and access a food van.

However, this particular elephant eventually seemed to give up its culinary quest, opting instead to satisfy its appetite with a leafy branch.

In the words of Roozeboom, this elephant has a regular presence at the campsite. It can be seen almost daily, leisurely exploring its surroundings, sniffing everything from tents to vehicles, even including the campers’ laundry.

Roozeboom suggests maintaining a respectful distance from this gentle visitor, avoiding sudden movements that might startle it.

Image 13But the vehicle, parked at Mana Pools campsite, Zimbabwe, was too secure for the hopeful thief.

He amusingly recounted the event, saying the elephant was entirely aware of his presence but remained unperturbed, fixated solely on pursuing fruit and vegetables.

His girlfriend, Iris Breeman, could be seen ensuring the back of their truck remained closed to prevent the elephant from further exploration.

Roozeboom did attempt to gently dissuade the creature in the video, an effort that seemed to leave no lasting impression.

Image 14The safari camp manager has said that elephants are attracted to the smell of fruit and will stop at nothing to reach their goal.Image 15Sneaky! The elephant attempts to use its trunk to poach food from the van’s front seats.

Understanding that they were visitors to the elephant’s natural habitat, Roozeboom, and his girlfriend chose not to upset the gentle giant, accepting whatever consequences came their way rather than causing any potential future confusion for their tusked acquaintance.

Image 16The elephant soon got bored and wandered off to munch on a leafy branch.C1

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