Heartwarming Reunion Between A Woman And Her Pet Dog After 9 Years Apart

After 9 years of losing her dog, she hugs it again in an emotional reunion.

Only those who own a pet and love it like a family member know the fear at the thought of losing it to illness, or the possibility of it suddenly disappearing.

In 2011, Maya, Chihuahua of Silvia, resident of Latina, Italy, disappeared without a trace . For a long time, the woman tried to bring her back home, but, unfortunately, the searches were in vain.

Silvia never imagined that she would see Maya again.

Silvia could not know if her beloved dog had been stolen or if, in the streets, a misfortune had happened to her. She was so fragile, so small… Imagine all the dangers that a Chihuahua can run wandering around her luck! As the days passed, the hopelessness of Maya’s mother grew.

As the wait to hear from Maya lengthened and the years passed, Silvia lost all hope . It was evident that something terrible had happened and she, to console herself, clung to the idea that the dog had found a new home.

Then, at the beginning of August 2019, the miracle happened: the dog was found .

The news was first broken by the editors of Tgcom24 . In a report, they narrated the whole story and showed the emotional encounter between the dog and its owner.

Silvia was shocked, 9 years had passed without knowing anything about her pet.

The fascinating thing about this anecdote is that the team from the environmental regulator Norsaa di Latina worked tirelessly despite the logistical difficulties of this reunion.

The key clue was the reconnaissance chip that Maya was equipped with. Although he had the device, the contact number provided at the time of uploading the data at the canine records office was no longer active after so long.

With a little digging, Norsaa operators were able to trace the woman’s new address by calling her immediately to retrieve the animal.

When Silvia heard that Maya was still alive and came back to her, she was surprised, happy , but at the same time incredulous, at least until she saw that she could hug her again.

The pain and sadness experienced in those years disappeared in an instant , dissolved between tears and hugs.

Now, the dog is 10 years old . She is no longer the same dog that Silvia once lost, but the bond of love between her and her owner has remained intact.

This was a touching and unexpected meeting.

This is a story that shows us, like some others, that the love for pets is real and it is never forgotten.

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