Stuck in a cave, the dog “living underground” for 6 years was forgotten by everyone, the “time zone difference” expression when being rescued made everyone feel sad.

Due to the dog living in darkness for too long, the rescue team chose to enter the cave at night to avoid hurting the poor animal’s eyes. They had to patiently feed it over 10 times to get it used to them. After many attempts, the rescue team finally succeeded in rescuing the dog that had been living underground for 6 years.


The incident happened in a natural cave in Khuc Tinh town, Yunnan province, China. The village people, members of the Blue Sky Rescue Team, and members of the China Cave Rescue Alliance worked together to rescue the dog. However, almost every time they approached, the dog “refused”.

“Saving people is not always as loud as this!” – A netizen exclaimed.

Trapped in a cave, the dog had been living underground for 6 years and was forgotten by everyone. Its expression, out of sync when rescued, made everyone sad.

On October 1, 2021, Luu Ngu Binh, a resident of Nha Ba Trại village, Phu Nguyen district, Khuc Tinh town, Yunnan province, China, heard a dog barking while dumping garbage. Out of curiosity, Luu Ngu Binh went to the cave entrance to check. The cave is located in the middle of the village, the entrance is very narrow, and the surrounding area is covered with bamboo forests. The entrance to the cave is a polygon with a maximum width of about 3.5m, with grass and moss clinging to the stone walls, and occasional bats flying around the entrance. To prevent bats from flying out, the villagers built a wall higher than 1m on one side of the cave entrance. Later, it was used to facilitate the dumping of construction waste.

Luu Ngu Binh stood at the entrance of the cave and whistled, then heard the dog barking in response.

“The cave entrance is very dark, it is difficult to see the bottom. In winter, there will be thick fog here, and it takes a while to hear the sound of falling rocks when picking them up and throwing them into the cave.” – He said.

Nha Ba Trại village has more than 100 households, although there are 4-5 garbage ponds, the villagers usually dump garbage and wastewater into the cave for convenience. The village is mainly elderly people, they said the dog had been there for 6 years. An old man told Luu Ngu Binh that he had never seen anyone go down there, and he also wanted to rescue the dog but “the cave is too deep, he had to give up”.

Luu Ngu Binh is a construction worker over 30 years old. On October 27, 2021, he and two villagers tried to use a rope to measure the length of the cave, which was about 50m deep.

Trapped in a cave, the dog had been living underground for 6 years and was forgotten by everyone. Its expression, out of sync when rescued, made everyone sad.

After the news of the dog was posted on the internet, on November 5, 2021, a man named Vương Hồng Kiệt, living in Van Son city, Yunnan province, China, contacted Luu Ngu Binh and expressed his desire to participate in rescuing the dog.

Vuong Hong Kiet’s hometown is famous for producing honey, and he has been harvesting honey on cliffs for more than 10 years, so his rope climbing skills are quite good. When the earthquake happened in Sichuan in 2008, he was rescued by the Blue Sky Rescue Team. Since then, in addition to selling honey, he often participates in charitable rescue activities.

Luu Ngu Binh was very happy and agreed immediately. Then, Vương Hồng Kiệt asked his friend Lư Phát Song, who is a member of the China Cave Rescue Alliance. Luu Ngu Binh invited them to join the newly established animal rescue team (currently with more than 20 members) and planned to rescue the dog in distress.

Vuong Hong Kiet said that compared to other rescue operations such as mountain rescue, rescue operations in caves are less common in China, partly due to the higher risks involved.

Around 11 pm on November 15, 2021, some people went into the cave to check the situation. After hearing the dog barking in response, they guessed that the dog was “quite healthy”.

“The dog has been living in the cave for a long time, so it can exclude the lack of oxygen.” – Vương Hồng Kiệt said.

The cave is about 50m deep, but for Vương Hồng Kiệt, crawling down is not difficult and only takes a few minutes. He also brought a wooden stick with a length of nearly 2m and a diameter equivalent to a bottle cap to defend himself, to prevent the dog from attacking him out of fear.

On the night of November 15, 2021, Vương Hồng Kiệt was inside the cave.

“My first feeling after entering the cave was darkness. I turned off my headlamp and found that there was only a little light coming down from the entrance. It was really stinky around, the cave had two levels, and the stairs to the second level were blocked by garbage and mud. I guess if there was no garbage, the dog would have died when it fell down.” – Vương Hồng Kiệt said.

Knowing that the dog was quite large, Lư Phát Song also went down to help. After careful observation, they found that it was normal and showed no signs of illness. It weighed about 15kg and was a female dog. In addition, they also found that the dog had drunk water flowing down from the cave wall, forming a shallow water area on the ground.

“Nature is really amazing!” – Lư Phát Song admired the arrangement of nature.

On November 29, 2021, the above-mentioned dog unexpectedly became a hot search on Chinese social media after Luu Ngu Binh posted news of the successful rescue. Many people contacted the rescue team to send clothes, food for the dog, and some even offered to adopt it immediately after it was brought up.

Trapped in a cave, the dog had been living underground for 6 years and was forgotten by everyone. Its expression, out of sync when rescued, made everyone sad.

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