“The Unforgettable Night of Rescuing a Stray with an Abdominal Swelling, Struggling to Breathe at Our Shelter”

It was a frosty morning of January 15, 2023, when we stumbled upon an orphaned puppy left on our Animal Shelter’s entrance. The little pooch had a bloated belly that resembled a toad’s, and it broke our hearts to see it in such a state. Without wasting any time, we knew we had to act quickly to give the pup the care it needed.

The vet swiftly checked the small, fluffy canine and diagnosed him with ascites – a condition that leads to abdominal swelling due to excess fluid accumulation.

To pinpoint the underlying cause of Ascitus in puppies, multiple factors need to be considered and blood tests are conducted.

We knew there could be serious issues caused by the liquid buildup in his stomach, so we got together to talk about our worries regarding his chances of getting better.

The young dog was fortunate enough to have a dedicated group of individuals tending to its needs on a regular basis, which led to noticeable progress over time. The pup’s belly size shrank noticeably as a result of draining most of the fluid from its abdomen.

It was exciting to see a boost in his liveliness and fun-loving nature, as he started displaying interest in the things around him.

In the face of obstacles, the pup remained cheerful and loving. He enjoyed snuggling with our team and eagerly played with his toys.

Over time, we saw remarkable advancements in the wellbeing of the young dogs. In partnership with Pierre, our group kept a careful eye on their development and gave them the proper attention they needed to fully recuperate.

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