The Touching Story of a Syrian Refugee Boy and his Act of Kindness towards a Stray Dog in Distress

Amidst the troubles brought by the Syrian war, Hüseyin el-Hasan, an 8-year-old boy sheltering in Kilis, Turkey, has shown exceptional kindness. Despite his own challenges, he did not ignore a stray puppy that got into a car accident. Instead, he acted swiftly and helped the injured animal. Hüseyin moved the puppy to a safer area and stayed by its side until someone could attend to it. He even went beyond by bringing a blanket from his home to keep the puppy warm. This touching act of compassion by Hüseyin is truly inspiring.

At last, the rescue team arrived at the location where the young boy and his dog were stranded. They quickly transported the canine to a medical center, but regrettably, it didn’t make it.

Hüseyin was deeply saddened upon learning about the passing of his beloved dog. Despite this, his compassionate nature and generosity did not go unnoticed. Consequently, Cuma zdemir, the deputy mayor of the town, took it upon himself to personally thank Hüseyin for his heroic deeds.

Zdemir believes that while Hüseyin’s actions may have surprised some, they reflect the admirable qualities found in humanity.

As a token of appreciation and to replace the blanket he generously gave to the dog, Hüseyin was gifted with fresh blankets.

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