The Three-legged Elephant Took His First Happy Steps On Four Legs After More Than 8 Years

A three-legged rescued elephant joyfully attempts to walk on all fours after eight years, with a big smile on her face.

An elephant that had been walking on three legs for eight years finally had a reason to smile when she was fitted with a specially designed artificial limb. This heartwarming moment captured the joy as the elephant took her first steps with her new prosthetic.

Nine-year-old Mosha lost her leg in a tragic accident when she stepped on a landmine as a baby in 2006 in Thailand. The MaeYao National Reserve in Lampang took her in and stitched up her leg, but she had to learn to walk on three legs. But now, the reserve has created a special prosthetic limb for Mosha, allowing her to walk on all four legs again. In a heartwarming video, the staff can be seen attaching the new leg to Mosha’s stump, and she quickly adapts to it, walking confidently and happily in just minutes. Smiling and throwing sand over her back in celebration, Mosha is back on all fours, thanks to the amazing work of the world’s first elephant hospital.

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