The Process Of Rescuing A Mother Elephant And Baby Elephant Trapped Under A Manhole By The Thai Rescue Team

In a thrilling mission in the heart of Thailand’s Nakhon Nayok province, a heroic rescue took place to save two elephants.

A team of passionate veterinarians and park staff worked tirelessly to rescue the animals, utilizing creative methods such as a boom lift and digger. Their bravery shone through as they revived a mother elephant who had passed out, with the help of three dedicated individuals. This courageous rescue took place during a torrential downpour, when a young elephant fell into a drain hole on the side of the road. The mother, frantic for her baby’s safety, tried to protect her but accidentally fell into the hole after being sedated.

The rescue team used a truck-mounted lift to carefully lift the mother elephant out of the hole while administering CPR to her. At the same time, a construction vehicle was busy clearing the soil to help the young calf escape from the mud. It was amazing to see the baby elephant immediately finding its mother’s teat as she woke up. Both animals were successfully returned to their habitat without any issues, after a challenging rescue operation that lasted over three hours. The whole mission was a success and both majestic creatures were safe and sound back in the wild.

Veterinarian Dr. Chananya Kanchanasarak had a tricky task ahead at Khao Yai National Park when trying to get close to a baby elephant with its watchful mother nearby. To ensure everyone’s safety, the team opted to use three tranquilizer shots. However, just as the mother elephant started feeling the effects, she unexpectedly turned towards her calf, leading to an unintentional head-on collision with herself.

Chananya characterized the rescue mission as a truly extraordinary endeavor that has made a lasting impact on their group.

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