“The Last Journey of a Discarded and Immobilized Canine: A Heartwarming Tale”

Some people love their pets unconditionally, while others view them as mere sources of entertainment and dispose of them when they no longer serve their purpose. It’s hard to believe, but heartless individuals like these exist all around the world.

In days of yore, there lived a German shepherd who was convinced that his family was his rightful home. Regrettably, they abandoned him when he aged and became paralyzed, treating him with contemptible disregard. The elderly dog was left to his own devices in their former abode, where he suffered from a range of maladies and a broken heart after they moved out. Fortunately, Heart, as he came to be known, was discovered by Gianna Serena Manfredi and other generous volunteers from the Qua La Zampa Association near Bitonto, Bari, Italy. Despite his spinal and ear afflictions, as well as hind leg paralysis, Heart remained resilient and self-sufficient, a true fighter. To ensure that he received the love and care he deserved, Gianna and a group of women formed “The Remote Mothers” and took turns caring for him. Heart was overjoyed with the affection he received in his last days, but sadly, this joy was ephemeral, as he could only spend one year with his newfound family.

As Gianna’s loved one was nearing the end of his life, she chose to accompany him on his final voyage to the sea. The adventure was truly amazing.

Gianna shared her delightful encounter with the ocean, labeling it as stunning. The gentle breeze brushed against her ears while the waves crashed onto the rocks. The sound of the sea created a calm ambiance, especially during the winter’s stillness. The experience was so peaceful that Gianna almost dozed off, momentarily forgetting the hurt of feeling unloved, the physical discomforts she was experiencing, and the inability to run alongside a playful puppy chasing after a rock.

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