The Indian Man Agreed To Carry The Elephant To The Veterinary Hospital Despite Weighing More Than 100 Kilograms

The baby elephant was with its family as they roamed through the lush forests of Nellimala in Ooty, India. Unfortunately, the little one took a tumble into a canal and found itself trapped in the muddy waters.

Hitchhiker: A wildlife official picks up a calf that has been rescued from a muddy canal and tried to run away into the road

Hitching a ride: A wildlife officer offers a lift to a calf rescued from a muddy canal as it attempted a daring escape onto the road.

Video grab of the moment a baby elephant is rescued after it had fallen into a slushy canal in Ooty district of Tamil Nadu, India

A video clip captures the heartwarming rescue of a young elephant in Ooty district, Tamil Nadu, India, as it had gotten stuck in a muddy canal. Local residents alerted forest authorities, who managed to keep the protective mother elephant away while they freed the stranded calf. Despite being just a few days old, the baby elephant was understandably nervous and hesitant to leave the canal peacefully.

The baby elephant was separated from its mother, leaving it disorientated and hungry

The young elephant was alone without its mother, making it feel lost and in need of food.

Stuck: The elephant calf was part of a herd and was passing though the forests in Nellimala in Ooty in southern India when it fell into a canal and got stuck in mud

In a predicament: The baby elephant, a member of a group traveling through the woodlands of Nellimala in Ooty, South India, found itself in trouble after tumbling into a canal and becoming mired in the mud.

Scared: Having been rescued, the baby elephant tried to run away and was naturally scared and distressed

Terrified: After being saved, the young elephant attempted to flee, showing signs of fear and anxiety.

Calmer: The wildlife officials gave the elephant coconut water and helped it back to its mother

In a heartwarming scene, wildlife officials came to the rescue of a distressed baby elephant by giving it much-needed coconut water and guiding it back to its worried mother. The elephant calf, visibly dehydrated and frightened, was comforted by men in camouflage as it anxiously tried to escape their reach. To ensure its safety and prevent it from wandering onto a nearby road, a volunteer gently carried the calf on his shoulder and returned it to the safety of the forest. After receiving a dose of glucose and more hydration, the calf was eventually reunited with its mother. Observers could tell the calf was only a few days old, as it struggled to walk steadily while in the care of its rescuers.

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