The Incredible Journey of a Disabled Elephant Freed from Decades of Cruelty

For over twenty years, Kabu worked hard in a rural mountain community, hauling logs through difficult terrain. Despite having an injured leg, she pushed through the challenging task, which left her with a noticeable limp as her injury never fully healed. Surprisingly, even with her ailment, her owner still rode on her back.

Kabu’s story is filled with even more heartbreaking details that tug at the heartstrings. Lek Chailert, the founder of Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, played a crucial role in Kabu’s release. She shared that Kabu went through the pain of losing her two babies at a young age. One was sold to a tourist camp, while the other tragically suffered during a cruel practice known as a “training crush,” which involves beating and confining young elephants in cages to domesticate them for labor. For a deeper look into Kabu’s moving journey and her new life at the sanctuary, check out the video below.

Lek Chailert and her team of passionate volunteers set out on a mission to bring Kabu back to the Elephant Nature Park, a well-known refuge for mistreated elephants in Thailand. During the lengthy 12-hour journey in the truck, they made sure to keep Kabu comfortable by feeding her bananas and tamarinds, and cooling her down with a refreshing water shower. Unfortunately, Thailand has a troubling history of animal cruelty, especially towards elephants used in the profitable tourism industry. According to Lek Chailert, rescued elephants often carry emotional scars that require years of dedicated care to heal.

When Kabu first got to the park, she seemed a bit nervous about exploring her new environment. But with the welcoming and comforting greetings from the other elephants, she quickly felt more relaxed and at home.

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