The Heartbreaking Tale of an Abandoned Baby Elephant: A Reminder of Their Pain and Emotions

Alone and lost in the heart of the forest, a baby elephant named Gold was left heartbroken after being shunned by his family upon being released back into the wild. The three-month-old calf was initially separated from his mother when he fell into a well dug by illegal loggers, a staggering 20 miles away from Buon Don in Vietnam. Dedicated rescuers devoted two weeks to caring for the young elephant, nursing him back to health with the dream of eventually reuniting him with his family.

Heartbreaking news: A tiny three-month-old baby, known as Gold, was tragically separated from his mother when he fell into a deep well dug by illegal loggers, located 20 miles away from Buon Don in Vietnam.

Rescuers dedicated a fortnight to caring for the little creature, aiming to restore its health with the goal of eventually reuniting it with its family.

Volunteers made an effort to reunite Gold with his herd by nudging him towards them, hoping for a successful reunion. Initially, it seemed like their efforts had paid off. However, their happiness soon turned to sadness when Gold was discovered alone less than twelve hours later, far away from where they had left him. According to wildlife expert Dr. Jake Veasey, Gold may not have been welcomed back by his herd because his mother may not have been present or may not have recognized him. After being separated for two weeks and smelling like humans and baby milk, he may have been seen as a stranger. Dr. Veasey also suggested that his mother might no longer have been able to produce milk. In March, Gold had lost his family after falling into a well dug by illegal loggers in the rainforest. While the adult elephants could use their trunks to access water in the well, Gold’s smaller size caused him to fall in when he tried to drink from it.

Rescuers mentioned that Gold’s mother could have been absent from the herd or possibly didn’t recognize him because he had been away for a couple of weeks, and he had the scent of humans and human baby milk on him.

The team’s excitement quickly turned to heartbreak when they discovered that Gold had gone missing again, less than twelve hours after being released back into the wild. He was found some distance away from where he was initially released.

Gold tragically lost his family back in March when he fell into a well dug by irresponsible loggers in the rainforest. The rescue team had to carefully move the rest of the family away from the well to save Gold without causing any harm, as elephants in Vietnam tend to be wary of humans. Despite the initial hope that the herd would return for the baby, the presence of humans had scared them away. Currently, Gold is staying in a temporary shelter while Animals Asia works on building a sanctuary where he can live alongside other elephants. Dr. Veasey mentioned that initially, they were cautious of getting too attached to Gold in case it negatively affected his chances of living a wild life. Gold was feeling extremely lonely and down, and there were concerns about his survival.

One: The young elephant was discovered roaming solo in the wilds of Vietnam after being abandoned by its own family herd.

Gold was exhibiting symptoms of chronic stress, constantly pacing back and forth and attempting to suckle on various objects in search of comfort, a behavior likely stemming from missing the nurturing presence of his mother’s teat.

Volunteers have purchased custom bottles for the baby elephant, anticipating that his health and happiness will thrive once the new sanctuary is completed.

Gold, the infant elephant, is receiving the necessary attention and care in his makeshift enclosure. Specialized feeding bottles have been purchased to help enhance his overall health and happiness.

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