The Admirable Friendship Between A Baby Elephant And An Ostrich

Deep in the heart of Kenya, a beautiful tale of camaraderie unfolded when the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) sprang into action on a daring rescue mission. The focus of their operation? A tiny and defenseless elephant calf named Jotto, who had unfortunately tumbled into a well, finding himself all alone and far from his family. Not wasting a moment, the DSWT team swooped in to save the day, swiftly whisking Jotto away to a sanctuary tailor-made for nurturing orphaned elephants in the lush landscapes of Kenya.

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Little did they know, an incredible bond was on the horizon between Jotto and Pea, a loving ostrich residing at the sanctuary. During their expedition to save the baby elephant, they unexpectedly encountered Pea and her ostrich companion, Pod, who also required assistance.

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In a touching display of compassion, both ostriches ended up coming back to the sanctuary with the rescued elephant. While Pod eventually got used to life in the wild, Pea formed a surprising and strong connection with the herd of elephants, choosing to stay at the refuge. Pea now sees herself as an important part of the Nairobi Nursery family, feeling a deep sense of belonging.

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From the very first time Jotto and Pea crossed paths, their bond was unmistakable. They were inseparable, constantly cuddling and showering each other with affection. As a kind-hearted ostrich, Pea was a crucial presence in Jotto’s life, supporting his healing process and ensuring his well-being. The joy on the baby elephant’s face during these touching moments with his feathered companion was undeniable.

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The latest update from DSWT introduces us to an endearing ostrich named Pea, who has found her place as an important member of the elephant herd. Watching her bond with the lovable Jotto, who clearly enjoys snuggling with his feathered companion, brings a smile to our faces. These touching moments unfold at the Nairobi Nursery, a special place where not only Pea and Jotto, but also many other orphaned animals, receive the care they need to recover and one day be released back into the wild.

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