Purrfect Care: The Healing Power of Therapy Cats for Critically Ill Patients

Get to know Duke Ellington Morris, a furry friend named after a famous jazz legend, who is spreading joy among critically ill patients at a medical center in California. Duke is part of an innovative animal-assisted therapy program between the SPCA and the hospital. He pays regular visits to sick patients, helping them ease their stress and worries by distracting them from their current issues and bringing smiles to their faces.


A new initiative called Duke has been introduced which enables shelter pets to visit patients who are critically ill. This program has proven to be effective in reducing blood pressure, pain, stress, anxiety, and depression levels.


Prior to any scheduled visits, patients will undergo screening procedures to ensure that they are physically and mentally prepared for a comfortable and enjoyable experience.


The hospital explained that their staff conducts allergy screenings before cats visit and implements precautions for hygiene, among other measures. Additionally, the SPCA’s animal-assisted therapy program has specific grooming guidelines.


The hospital staff has stated that Duke brings comfort and joy to patients who are in critical condition in the intensive care unit with his cuddly snuggles. They believe that he is the perfect candidate for the job!


A heartwarming video has recently been shared on the hospital’s Facebook page, featuring Duke, a therapy dog, being petted by patients. The video has already gained over ten million views. During Duke’s visit to the hospital, he was transported on a cart to greet several patients who needed some love and affection.

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