Observing an Unusual Sight While Walking Past a Factory

A small and adorable creature, completely out of place in the midst of heavy machinery, piles of inventory, and industrial garbage cans, was discovered in a massive factory by one of the workers who was elated to see its innocent and curious expression. This heartwarming moment was captured by RSPCA Victoria.


It’s hard not to do a double take when you come across a strange image of a scruffy gray kitten’s head sticking out of the side of a large trash bin. One person who saw the photo on Facebook even commented that it resembled a sticker! However, upon seeing another photo, it became clear that the fuzzy little face belonged to a real cat that was in need of rescue from the extremely tight space she had gotten herself into.


Rescuing this peculiar hairy animal turned out to be quite a challenging endeavor.


According to a post on Facebook by RSPCA Victoria, the incident was reported to them after several agencies were contacted for assistance. Inspector Maree from RSPCA Victoria immediately went on a mission to rescue the kitten from the pipe. However, it was soon realized that more help was needed as lubrication failed to free the kitten’s head. That’s when the fire department came into the picture. The Country Fire Authority firefighters arrived with an angle grinder which was used to cut the pipe away after an hour of delicate maneuvering.


Piper, the tiny feline, was both surprised and thankful after being rescued. The RSPCA mentioned that she appeared weak and shivering, possibly regretting her recent adventures, yet she seemed aware that she was in capable hands.


Piper has finally received the much-needed cleaning and is now wrapped in warm towels. According to the RSPCA, this brave kitten has shown her loving and caring nature. She is all set for a new chapter of her life, where she can have some less perilous experiences in a foster home. With medical care and affectionate attention from our clinic, Piper will gain some weight and become healthy again.


Meet Piper, a charming feline who, like many others, is in search of a loving home through RSPCA Victoria. This is the kitten season, and due to an extended warm and dry summer, the number of cats without homes has increased worldwide. To tackle this issue, RSPCA Victoria has decided to waive adoption fees for cats over five months old to make it easier for people to adopt them. This move has proven to be successful so far, giving more individuals the opportunity to have a cat as their companion. Let’s help RSPCA Victoria with their mission to find homes for these adorable and needy cats.

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