Lil’ Levi’s Bath Adventure: Adorable Show of Young Elephant Enjoying a Soothing Scrub

A delightful moment of unadulterated happiness was filmed when a baby elephant was seen having a great time splashing around in a water container. It happened in Kanchanaburi, Thailand, to the west of Bangkok. The video captures the adorable seven-month-old elephant, Choojai, gleefully enjoying himself in a small plastic tub. A zookeeper who isn’t visible in the shot is spraying water towards the young elephant, adding to his water-based entertainment.


In Kanchanaburi province, Thailand, a charming seven-month-old elephant is thoroughly enjoying his bath time. The lively Choojai takes great pleasure in splashing around and playing in the tub of water. He submerges his head underwater and then lifts his trunk over the edge, causing playful waves that spill over the brim. Choojai is not satisfied with just splashing around but can be seen lying in the refreshing water with his ears flapping happily. His devoted keeper is constantly providing a steady flow of water to ensure the elephant’s fun never ends. Asian elephants are the largest land mammals and are an endangered species. They are categorized into three subspecies: Indian, Sumatran, and Sri Lankan.

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The large mammal extends its leg and dangles its trunk outside the bathtub while relishing the refreshing water. Compared to their African counterparts, they are slightly smaller and have skin that ranges from dark gray to brown with pink patches on their forehead, ears, and trunk base. Similar to hairless animals like rhinos, elephants depend on water, mud, and clay baths to stay cool during hot summers. These natural remedies not only help regulate body temperature but also provide a protective shield against harmful sun rays. A fascinating research study conducted by the University of Geneva in Switzerland in 2018 found that deep wrinkles in an elephant’s skin serve as a smart mechanism for heat management. These folds ensure that water is evenly distributed, which ultimately reduces the animal’s body temperature.

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The massive pachyderm is perched upright amidst the bath and carries on with its playful splashing activity in the soothing waters.

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Choojai rises up in the bathtub while being showered by his keeper with water. This information comes from Elephant News.

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