Inter Miami Coach Explains Why Messi Was Absent In Inter Miami’s Loss To Cf Montreal?

Without Messi, coach Tata Martino also mixed up the Inter Miami squad by only fielding stars like Jordi Alba, Leonardo Campana and Federico Redondo. This change caused the team of Mr. David Beckham as president and co-owner to struggle very hard and receive their first loss of the season.

Vì sao Messi vắng mặt trận Inter Miami thua CF Montreal?- Ảnh 1.

Messi sat thoughtfully and watched his teammates play ineffectively

According to the explanation of the representative of Inter Miami Club, the reason Messi is absent is because coach Tata Martino wants this famous player to rest after 4 consecutive matches. Messi is absolutely not injured as speculated. Similarly, Suarez and Busquets sat on the bench because they also needed to recover their physical strength.

The famous Argentine player is determined to return to play in the middle of this week when Inter Miami meets Nashville SC again in the second leg of the round of 16 of the CONCACAF Champions Cup, at 7:15 a.m. on March 14 (first leg drew 2-2).

Messi came to watch the match with his wife and family to support his teammates. However, Inter Miami without Messi played very poorly. They let their not-so-strong opponent, CF Montreal, overwhelm them throughout the first half and had to concede a goal in the 12th minute by player Fernando Alvarez after a corner kick.

In the second half, coach Tata Martino brought in Busquets, Nicolas Freire and Diego Gomez to replace Federico Redondo, Gressel and Aviles. Next, veteran striker Suarez was also brought onto the field to replace midfielder Lawson Sunderland.

Vì sao Messi vắng mặt trận Inter Miami thua CF Montreal?- Ảnh 2.

Striker Campana (right) equalized 1-1 for Inter Miami, but then the defense conceded 2 more goals

Thanks to that, Inter Miami played better and found a 1-1 equalizer in the 71st minute scored by striker Campana. But then the defense continuously made mistakes, allowing the away team CF Montreal to score 2 more goals from Matias Coccaro and Sunusi Ibrahim in the 75th and 78th minutes respectively to increase the gap to 3-1.

In the 80th minute, defender Jordi Alba scored to shorten the score to 2-3, but Inter Miami’s remaining efforts to find a draw were unsuccessful. Despite losing their first match of the season, Inter Miami is still leading the MLS 2024 Eastern region table with 7 points after 4 matches. CF Montreal is the 2nd ranked team and also has 7 points, but has a lower score and has played 1 less match.

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