Heartwarming Footage of Elephant Keeper Bonding with Baby Elephant Over Watermelon Treat

With a glint in its eye, Pogo sauntered up to Jane and made a request in its own endearing manner, asking for some juicy watermelon to satiate its cravings. However, Jane took Pogo aback by hesitating and politely declining the request. She clarified that the watermelons were intended for all the elephants residing in the sanctuary, and they had to portion them out accordingly.

Pogo, being a determined elephant, was not deterred from getting a taste of the succulent watermelon. As Jane was distracted, Pogo seized the opportunity and made its way to the pile of watermelons. Carefully using its trunk, Pogo managed to snatch a couple of ripe watermelons and quickly devoured them in a secluded area. However, little did Pogo know that Jane was observing its behavior from afar. Watching Pogo steal the watermelons, Jane couldn’t help but smile at the cunning and adorable actions of her mischievous friend. Although, Jane prioritized Pogo’s health and knew that eating too many watermelons may cause an upset stomach. Playing along with Pogo’s shenanigans, Jane approached the elephant with a playful expression and pretended to be unaware of the stolen watermelons. She asked Pogo what it would like for a snack, and to her surprise, Pogo trumpeted joyfully and pointed towards the watermelon pile, indicating it wanted more. With a chuckle, Jane shared a limited amount of the watermelon with Pogo to prevent overindulging. As they sat together, munching on the sweet fruit, Pogo’s eyes sparkled with delight, and Jane showered it with affection.

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