“Feline saves the day: Cat alerts owner during heart attack by waking her up”

What a remarkable feline! A cat named Billy from Nottingham has proven to be a true hero after saving his owner’s life. Sam Felstead, aged 42, had been asleep when she suddenly suffered a heart attack. Fortunately for her, Billy was vigilant and aware of the situation. The clever cat began pounding his paws on Sam’s chest until she woke up from her slumber. Later, she discovered that she had indeed experienced a heart attack in her sleep. Sam believes that Billy played a vital role in saving her life, and many others around her sharing the same belief. It’s clear that this paw-some cat deserves to be recognized for his heroic actions.

As she slept peacefully, Karen Felstead suddenly woke up in the middle of the night to a shooting pain down her right side. She was shocked to find that she could not move her body. It was then that she called her mother for help. Rushed to the Nottingham City Hospital, Ms Felstead was told by doctors that she had suffered a heart attack in her sleep. However, she firmly believes that it was her cat, Billy, who saved her life. She explained that she had gone to bed feeling fine after taking her dogs out for a walk and had no pains or discomfort at all. Suddenly, she woke up sweating profusely and found Billy meowing loudly in her ear. This was unusual, as Billy was not a very social cat and usually liked to be alone. Ms Felstead was surprised that Billy had never woken her up in the night before. However, she believed that Billy may have picked up on physiological changes in her body and woke her up to save her life. She is grateful to Billy for this and says that without him, things could have been worse for her.

Ms Felstead was alerted by her pet and her mother called 999 for an ambulance. However, they were informed that it would take a couple of hours to arrive, so they decided to drive to the hospital instead. Upon examination, the medical staff discovered that a blocked artery was the root cause of the heart attack experienced by the receptionist.

Billy the feline has become a heroic figure for saving his owner’s life. Despite being a solitary creature, Billy made loud meows in Ms. Felstead’s ear to wake her up. As a result, she was able to get medical attention and spent three days in hospital. When she returned home, Billy was indifferent towards her until she showed him more affection. Ms. Felstead believes she may not have woken up if Billy hadn’t alerted her. The doctors agreed, and so did everyone else around her. Cat expert Lucy Hoile thinks Billy may have sensed the changes in Ms. Felstead’s body and reacted accordingly. While Hoile believes Billy saved her life, she doesn’t think he did it on purpose. Rather, he was responding to the situation.

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