“Feline Fans Frenzied over Video of Talented Cat”

Keys, a charming tuxedo cat, has an exceptional ability that always brings happiness not just to his loved ones but also to anyone who sees it. The nickname “Goal kitty” is commonly used to refer to him.


It’s pretty entertaining how Peter Mares stumbled upon his pet’s amusing skill by accident. One fine morning in California, the unnamed dog raised her paws high up in the air as if she was doing a stretch. Peter wasted no time and grabbed his camera to snap a photo of the hilarious moment. The next day, the dog repeated the pose and received her favorite treat as a reward. Peter has since noticed that his furry companion can now identify the camera and strikes the ‘goal hands’ pose whenever she sees it.


Every time Keys is rewarded with a treat, her owner utters a magical phrase, “I understand your wishes.” This simple yet captivating phrase never fails to excite Keys. She jumps with joy and stands up on her hind legs, ready to take on the world. The owner also revealed to the Huffington Post that whenever he takes out his camera and recites this phrase, Keys always poses for a perfect shot.


As Keys’ pictures gained massive internet popularity, many people utilized their photoshop expertise to incorporate her unique poses into entertaining situations, which contributed to Keys’ increasing fame.


Her level of dedication and passion is comparable to that of a skilled goalie attempting to block an oncoming shot. It’s genuinely remarkable!


Every day, Keys puts a smile on the faces of her human followers on Instagram by showcasing her adorable goalie paws.




How about we suggest FIFA to make keys their official mascot? It would be a great idea to share this with our pals and get them on board too. 😊

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