Farewell to Our Beloved Elephant: Cherishing the Memories of Our Precious Companion

This morning, the majestic and wise Boon Thong peacefully passed away, accepting that it was time to move on.

Dog and sanctuary founder comforting dying elephant

The peaceful passing of Boon Thong, a treasured elephant who spent five years at BLES sanctuary, has left a somber feeling in the hearts of all who knew her. During her time at the sanctuary, she relished the freedom to roam the forests alongside her mahout, Phi Gom, and make her own choices. Boon Thong was known for her dignity and grace, especially when it came to enjoying the homemade vitamin balls crafted by Luke, the sanctuary owner’s youngest son. Watching Luke struggle to hold the sticky rice balls in his hands as Boon Thong patiently waited, one couldn’t help but wonder if she was deliberately savoring the moment to prolong their shared time together.

Dog comforting elephant friend

Boon Thong had a set routine that she stuck to faithfully. On our walks, she would make a beeline for her beloved spots in the release areas. Without fail, she would rub against the familiar tree and pause at a specific spot in the stream to coat herself in mud, just like always.

Dog comforting elephant

At BLES, we were all fascinated by the incredible Boon Thong. Despite her small size and numerous scars, she never failed to impress us with her incredible resilience and unshakeable determination. Her gentle demeanor hid a powerful strength that never failed to shine through. It was bittersweet to bid farewell to Boon Thong, but we were grateful for the five amazing years we spent witnessing her remarkable journey.

Sanctuary founder comforting elephant

I spent the entire day by her side, comforting her with gentle strokes on her legs and ruffling her unkempt hair. I whispered comforting words into her ears, wiping away both her tears and my own. Losing a loved one is never easy, even when we know it’s their time to leave us and depart peacefully.



Boon Thong has finally found a peaceful spot next to Sontaya, Permpoon, Sao Noi, and Naamfon. Together, these five stars still sparkle brightly in our memories, symbolizing the unbreakable bonds of friendship. Boon Thong, may you continue your adventure with your own special way of walking, discovering new horizons and endless fields of tall grass stretching out endlessly before you.

Rescued elephant getting buried with flowers

Wishing you endless freedom in your spirit, dear Boon Thong. With all my love, xx

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