“Bringing Comfort to a Furry Friend: The Heartfelt Story of Two Girls and Their Lasting Impact on a Terminally Ill Dog”

The canine named Roosevelt has been fortunate enough to have two amazing rescuers, namely Sarah Launch and Kelly Michael. They took him under their care after discovering that he had been diagnosed with terminal bone cancer. Roosevelt was previously housed at the Chicago Animal Care and Control center and his remaining lifespan was limited to six months. Although they are unaware of how he spent his first five years, their goal is to provide the best possible life for him during his final months. Sarah, who is an executive producer at Comcast, was contacted by her friend Kelly about fostering Roosevelt (aka Roo), and they both agreed to take him in. They had a feeling that something was not right with him prior to the sad diagnosis, but they remain optimistic and determined to give him the best life possible.

The pair came up with a list of must-do activities for their beloved pet and captured his last moments on video, chronicling their adventure on social media using the hashtag #LiveLikeRoo to encourage other canine owners to create wonderful memories with their own furry companions. They went all out to fulfill every one of his final desires, which included giving him soothing massages, satisfying his craving for Taco Bell, and pampering him with his favorite treat – ice cream.

It has been reported that Roo’s tale has become an instant hit nationwide, drawing a lot of interest. Lauch expressed that their only intention is for everyone to know about Roo’s journey. Many have been inspired by the pair to take their pets on exciting excursions and enjoy every moment. Moreover, Lauch revealed that even though people may assume she is unhappy, her perceptive pooch Roo can accurately detect emotions.

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