“Brave Mama Elephant Fights Off Ferocious Wild Dogs to Protect Her Precious Calves”

In Nagarhole National Park, a wildlife photographer named Mithun Hunugund had an unforgettable experience when he saw an elephant display extraordinary bravery and protectiveness. The mother elephant fearlessly confronted a group of 13 wild dogs that were trying to ambush two baby elephants. With his camera ready to capture the action, Mithun witnessed the mother elephant charge towards the pack of dogs, using her trunk to swing and stomp on the ground. She even tried to defend her young with powerful kicks. It was a heart-pumping moment that demonstrated the incredible instincts and courage of elephants in the wild.

A pair of Asiatic wild dogs recently tried to surprise attack a couple of baby elephants in the Nagarhole National Park.

The she-elephant charged towards the canines, vigorously moving her trunk and hitting the earth with her feet, while trying to fend off their attack by attempting to lash out with her rear legs.

The situation was tense as a four-tonne female elephant charged at 13 wild dogs to scare them off, as seen in the picture. According to Mr. Hunugund, who is 29 years old, he and his companions were sitting in their car when they heard a commotion caused by hordes of Bonnet macaques. As they approached the scene to investigate, they saw a pack of 13 wild dogs on the hunt for prey. The dogs were heading towards a herd of ten female elephants and two calves, who were potential targets due to their size. The dogs attempted to separate the calves from the adults, causing stress for everyone involved. Fortunately, the adult elephants created a barrier between their young and the predators, and a four-tonne female elephant charged at the wild dogs to scare them away. This species of wild dog, also known as Dholes, are skilled hunters and can eat both smaller and larger prey. However, they are endangered animals with smaller breeding numbers than wild tigers. The elephant herd managed to form an impenetrable wall around the calves once they realized the dogs were around.

In an Indian forest, a pack of wild dogs attempted to ambush a young elephant calf, as seen in the center of a photograph. To protect the herd, one of the elephants decided to distract the dogs by following them alone while the others moved to safety. This brave elephant lunged at the dogs and kicked wet mud on each one of them. As nature goes, it’s hard not to worry for the safety of the young elephant calves. However, it’s the law of the jungle, and some animals must die so others can survive. If the dogs don’t hunt, not only will they starve, but their puppies will also depend on them – it’s a delicate balance. According to Mr. Hunugund, the elephant’s brave efforts paid off, and eventually, the herd withdrew from the pack.

Mr. Hunugund shares that the elephant’s bravery paid off as the pack of animals retreated from the herd. The photographer, who has a keen interest in leopards, has traveled extensively with other nature enthusiasts to capture the beauty of wildlife. Located at the center of Nagarhole National Park, named after the river, this place is home to a diverse range of animals. Mr. Hunugud considers himself fortunate to live in a city like Bengaluru, which allows him to pursue his passion for wildlife. Growing up in the jungle, his love for animals has only grown stronger with time.

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