Blind Elephant Rescued from Begging on Streets Finds Love and Care in the Arms of Rescuers at 60 Years Old

Imagine the terrifying reality of being blindfolded and forced to cross a busy street at gunpoint. This was the fate of Lakhi, a female elephant who had been beaten and chained her entire life. Thankfully, the court intervened and set her free.

Lakhi’s cruel owners and handlers blinded her and forced her to beg for money at various temples and towns, putting her in constant danger of road accidents.

After years of abuse and neglect, Lakhi was rescued on February 26, 2015. With gentle encouragement, she stepped into a ten-wheeler truck rented for this purpose and began her journey to a new home.

Despite her many injuries and wounds, such as painful swelling in the left temporal region, Lakhi has found love and care in the arms of her rescuers. Her story is one of redemption and hope that warms the heart.

Her c.ruel masters b.linded Lakhi.

The Wildlife SOS team will bring ophthalmology experts from the UK to explore the possibility of restoring vision in at least one eye. This will significantly improve her welfare.

Her appearance clearly shows that her diet is not nutritious enough.

It can be doubted that she has even tasted food suitable for an elephant.

Walking on asphalt for many years severely affected her feet and toenails.

Lakhi suffered from chronic, painful trauma and had never received appropriate medical treatment. Adding to her pain and discomfort were spiked chains held in place around her legs, resulting in puncture wounds and abrasions.

During the 1400 km journey, she was cared for with boxes of fresh fruit and buckets of water to keep her hydrated.

She has reached her new home at the SOS Wildlife Care and Conservation Center in Mathura, where she will live her life with dignity and peace.

Lakhi is stretching like a pro!

During the journey to Lakhi’s new home, the group decided to stop for a break and let her get out of the truck for a walk and relax a bit!

Lakhi was weighed by the time she got home.

To check on Lakhi’s health and plan a suitable diet for her, she was weighed by the Wildlife SOS team at the Elephant Care and Conservation Center.

Lakhi smiling at Elephant Care and Conservation Center, Mathura

Lakhi was smiling in the sun after settling into her new place with Wildlife SOS!

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