Adorable Baby Elephant Takes A Tumble And Loving Mom Comes To The Rescue

A heartwarming moment was captured on camera when a young elephant stumbled over his trunk while trying to catch up with his mother at the Idube Game Reserve in South Africa.

The charming duo was leisurely walking through the wilderness when he encountered a dirt road.

As the mother elephant confidently crossed the road, her baby eagerly tried to follow. In haste, the calf appeared to get his leg tangled in the grass, causing him to trip and lose balance. Despite his best efforts, he eventually fell face-first into the mud.

Watch the video at the end.

Careful! A clumsy elephant takes a tumble as he rushes to catch up with his mother as she crosses the road. Source: Daily Mail

Thankfully, the baby elephant wasn’t injured and quickly got back on his feet. The mother, carrying a large tree branch in her trunk, immediately noticed her little one’s tumble and halted her journey to ensure her calf was alright. After a quick check, the pair continued their stroll, disappearing into the bush.

This touching moment was caught on film by reserve ranger and wildlife filmmaker Rob Vamplew, also known as “Rob the Ranger.”

The cute calf had been taking a stroll through the bush with his mother at Idube Game Reserve in South Africa. Source: Daily MailBut when the baby elephant rushed to catch her up, he appeared to get his leg caught in the grass. Source: Daily MailThe clumsy little one stumbled as he stepped down onto the path, eventually losing his balance altogether. Source: Daily MailFaceplant: The young elephant eventually fell over and landed – trunk first – down in the mud. Source: Daily MailLuckily he did not appear to hurt anything but his pride and was quickly back on his feet. Source: Daily MailNoticing her clumsy calf’s fall, the mother elephant, who was carrying a huge tree branch in her trunk, had halted her onward march. Source: Daily MailThe giant African elephant went back to her baby to make sure he was ok after his trip. Source: Daily Mail

Watch the video below:

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