A Heartwarming Tale: How A Loving Family Traveled 2,600 Miles To Adopt A Husky With A Deformed Face Who Had Been Bullied

When Harvey showed up at the shelter in Carlsbad, California, he was underweight, dirty, and had a facial deformity. The staff at the San Diego Department of Animal Services gave him the name Harvey, after the DC Comics villain Two Face, who is a well-known enemy of Batman.

According to Joy Ollinger, a lieutenant with the San Diego Department of Animal Services, the dog has a crooked smile and his face appears to be deformed. The vet examined him and concluded that he might have been bitten when he was a young puppy, causing his facial malformation. Despite this, the dog seems to be oblivious to his condition and is not affected by it. However, this has caused concern among potential adopters who seem to avoid him because of his appearance. Ollinger mentioned that people tend to walk past him without giving him a second glance. Some even went as far as to say that he was unattractive due to his deformities. Surprisingly, no one has shown any interest in adopting him, and he has not been taken out for a potential adoption encounter throughout his entire stay at the shelter.

According to Ollinger, the shelter houses approximately 110 dogs at any given time. Unfortunately, Harvey was often overlooked and ignored by passersby. The staff at the shelter were saddened by this, as they held a special place in their hearts for Harvey and recognized his potential to bring joy and love to a new family.

Ollinger decided to bring Harvey, who she guessed to be around two years old, to her office so she could spend more time with him and get to know him better. She described him as a kind and clever dog who craves attention, often laying at her feet and observing her work on the computer. Ollinger even wrote a Facebook post sharing Harvey’s positive traits, such as being easygoing and friendly with other dogs, as well as his unique facial abnormality that gives him an adorable lopsided smile. Overall, Ollinger wanted to emphasize why someone should give Harvey a chance and adopt him into their loving home.

Upon stumbling upon a post from over 1,000 miles away, Sherry Lankston of Woodinville, Washington swiftly fell for its charming content. Though she wasn’t actively seeking a new furry friend, the adorable face of the dog in the post had her smitten. “Harvey’s goofy grin caught my attention immediately and I found myself thinking that he was the most beautiful dog I’d ever seen,” Lankston told Fox News Digital. She even joked with her husband about the possibility of adopting a second dog, as their first pup, River, is in need of a companion. While they had discussed it before, nothing seemed to fit until Harvey’s captivating smile appeared.

After careful consideration, Lankston revealed that she was convinced that Harvey was the perfect dog for her family. She fondly recalled noticing his quirky behavior and thinking to herself that she had found their ideal pet. Despite the distance between them, Lankston wasted no time in packing up her two children, Harrison and Fionnlagh, and embarking on a 20-hour journey to Carlsbad to meet Harvey. Ollinger described how quickly the family fell in love with Harvey, and how he and their own dog, River, got along famously. Although Harvey was initially shy and reserved, Lankston’s patience and kindness soon won him over.

“He passed the first test – or I guess we passed the first test,” joked Lankston. The next challenge was introducing their shelter dog, River, to Harvey. Despite some initial sniffing, River and Harvey got along well. Sherry’s husband also met Harvey the following day and received a warm welcome. The Lankstons then began their journey home with Harvey, which was bittersweet for Ollinger, though she and Sherry have since become friends and stay in touch daily. During the drive, Lankston learned from a woman who had seen Ollinger’s Facebook post that Harvey had been found in the desert with two female dogs. They managed to bring all three canines back to their car.

Harvey is getting to know the rest of the Lankston family as he meets four cats named Angel, Nimitz, Mak, and Momo, and a snail called Gary who will be released when spring arrives in Washington. Lankston emphasized that Harvey is making progress with the other pets.

According to Ollinger, Harvey’s story could teach people not to judge a dog based on its imperfections. She added that everyone deserves a chance, and it’s essential not to be swayed by looks alone. While it may be easy to fall for the prettiest dog or the cutest kitten, every animal deserves a home, so it’s worth giving them all a chance.

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