“A Heartbreaking Tale of a Homeless Mother Dog and Her Pup Too Despondent to Seek Help”

Stray Rescue of St. Louis recently got a call about a dog sleeping on a residential street amid a scorching heat wave. They politely requested the caller to send them photos of the pup so that they could assess the situation better. Donna Lochmann, chief lifesaving officer at St. Louis Stray Rescue, shared that the picture showed the dog lying down and it seemed to have visible hip bones, which prompted them to check out the situation.

Lochmann wasted no time in responding to the situation. Although initially unsuccessful in locating the puppy, she decided to venture into an alley where she finally spotted him. According to her, he was lying in the street and the water from a gutter was keeping him cool due to the scorching heat.

As Lochmann approached the dog, she recognized that the furry creature was in dire need of help.

Lochmann recounted how the dog seemingly noticed his presence as he approached the end of the alley. The dog lifted its head, surveyed its surroundings, and then lowered it back down onto the pavement in apparent resignation. The sight of the forlorn dog lying despondently on the street tugged at Lochmann’s heartstrings.

According to Lochmann, her heart broke when she saw the puppy in such a terrible condition. She made a decision to rescue the helpless dog, regardless of the consequences. Lochmann’s first encounter with the puppy can be observed in the video provided. To her relief, the mistreated animal didn’t oppose being saved and even went inside her jeep on its own. Upon approaching the puppy, Lochmann convinced it by saying, “let’s go, my friend, we’ll take care of you.”

As soon as the puppy hopped into the car, he made himself comfortable. Blankets were kept in the back of the jeep and he immediately laid down on them. It seemed as though he was appreciative of the air conditioning and a cozy place to relax. The shelter mentioned that Curby, as they later named him, enjoyed his ride to safety. He was quickly taken into a foster home. Upon watching his video, a couple decided to adopt him as the wife believed that a dog like Curby shouldn’t be in a shelter. They eventually took him home with them.

Curby is relishing his fresh foster home, filled with two affectionate parents and a furry sibling that he adores cuddling with. He’s now gaining weight and showing his true personality in this new setting. Lochmann reveals that Curby’s foster parents are head over heels in love with him, describing him as the most endearing child they’ve ever met.

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