A Heartbreaking Tale: Bent-Legged Pup Left Outside Tire Repair Shop, in Need of a Home

Last February, Lindomar and Ozimar Queiroz, who work at a tire repair shop in Porto Velho’s North Zone, were surprised when they arrived early at their workplace. On their way, they spotted a dog on the side of the road, looking emaciated with open paws. Despite their efforts, they couldn’t locate the dog’s owner. Hence, they decided to take care of the dog themselves until they could find it a permanent home. However, even after twenty days, the pooch is still waiting for someone to adopt him.

The Queiroz siblings wasted no time in bringing the dog to their store, providing it with food and care. They claimed that the person who left the dog in front of their shop did so deliberately. The dog’s front legs were twisted in such a way that it was unable to walk correctly.

The reason why Seal got his name was because of the way he would stand on the board, making it difficult for him to move. The mechanics would occasionally adjust his position, but in the end, he would always end up slipping and falling into the mud while chasing after a stray cat.

According to Lindomar Queiroz, the proud owner of the pooch, his furry friend is in dire need of medical attention but he’s unable to afford it. The dog was captured when it was underweight and is now gradually gaining some. Though the dog’s appearance may suggest it’s unclean, Lindomar seems unfazed by it.

The pup’s story went viral on social media after he was left behind, but luckily a kind-hearted couple from Foca Porto Velho stepped up to adopt him. The dog was found wandering the streets by workers at a tire workshop who took him in and provided him with food and water for over three weeks. They initially named him “Foca,” but once Michele adopted him, she gave him a new name.

Sudden infatuation
“He was in a tough spot and it really struck me. I found myself falling head over heels for him,” shared the student of commerce. “I just can’t put it into words, but I have such immense admiration for him.” If you enjoyed this tale, feel free to pass it along to your loved ones!

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