“A Close Encounter: An Elephant’s Surprising Reaction in Kenya”


A recent incident in Kenya caught the attention of many as dramatic images showed a massive elephant chasing a car. The female elephant was seemingly scared by motor cars racing down a remote road and appeared set to stomp the parked car before the driver could escape. Mwangi Kirubi, a witness to the event, explained that he was waiting in a car to take pictures in Amboseli National Park when two other vehicles rushed past him, agitating the herd. The matriarch then approached a fourth car where some of Mwangi’s fellow photographers were waiting, causing them to run. Mwangi further added that the other vehicles were in a rush and disregarding the park’s speed restriction. This incident highlights the importance of being mindful of speed limits in national parks around the world and respecting the animals that inhabit them.


The elephant made its way onto the dusty road of Amboseli National Park in Kenya and then unexpectedly started to run towards the vehicle.


A car in pursuit and an elephant following closely behind were both caught on video by Mwangi Kirubi, who was driving in a separate vehicle.


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